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We will provide you all our knowledge so you will always have the best options for you and with no stress.


GM Group is an expert in welcoming tourists, we know that a smile is always the best first impression.

Unlimited Access

Through the many decades that GM Group has been working in tourism, we already have the knowledge to make your operation as smooth as possible.

Why Choose GM Group

We don’t act only like supplier, we will be looking after your clients and keeping you updated of every step of your client.

As our clients are extremely demanding, we are used to satisfy all their request, using all our knowledge to make from the easiest request, to the most complicated request possible.

Technology is a nowadays a basic point in the industry, so we are always looking for new updates and implement new ideas for you to be able to be on top of the new trends.

GM Group holds several companies in the Travel Industry, some specialised in inbound, outbound, transportation, and so on.

About the Company

Over 30 years of experience  in the travel industry, GM Group is a leading company in South America. 

On a cutting edge technology system and extremely competitive direct contract with supplier around South America, GM Group holds the best of several countries in one company.

Our structure secures a smooth operation as we handle most of the operations with our own stuff, keeping the same high standards of service thourght all experiences.

There is nothing better to arrive in our destination with our staff with a smile on saying “welcome”.

  • Your Trusted Partner
  • Understanding Your Requests
  • REaching your expectations

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