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Angra dos Reis


Located in the Costa Verde (Green Coast) at 168 Km south of Rio de Janeiro and 414 Km north of São Paulo, this paradise by the coastline of Rio de Janeiro offers a high level of accommodations and services, and an amazing number of 365 islands and beaches to visit. Hills, green ocean and the wild life, added to great number of aquatic and ecological activities, includes Angra dos Reis in the row of one of the most exclusive resorts in Rio de Janeiro.



Daily trips over the islands, on board of comfortable Catamarãs. Bar and barbecue services available. The Catamarãs make few stops for refreshing diving during the trip. Length: 2:30, 5:30 or 8:00 hours.

Diving trips for the scuba diving lovers. Divers will be able to visit a sunken boat in the Angra dos Reis Bay area, and see the show of colors of the local aquatic wild life. Experienced scuba diving instructors are available for beginners taking the first steps on the sport. Possible to apply for a scuba diving certification.

Daily trekking across the Mata Atlântica, river bathing, water falls and natural water slides visited during the trekking,conducted by local specialized ecological tours guides.


  • Belo Horizonte 558 km
  • Brasilia 1288 km