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Being the cultural and leisure heart of Brazilian Northeast, Recife is a combination of the old and the new, located behind a long coasted reef (the reason of its name). Pernambuco state capital has an efficient infrastructure, natural beauties and cultural sites, offering colonial churches and traditional handicrafts, restaurants, great beaches and an active night life. In this city, the tourist may find internationally famous street events (such as Olinda’s Carnival, when is possible to hear and dance traditional Frevo music) as much as the modern Convention Center of Pernambuco (one of the best equipped in Brazil). Recife is, at the same time, a traditional artistic and cultural source, having the main theatrical, gastronomic and medical center of Brazil’s northeast region. Moreover, Recife is the place where was constructed the first Synagogue (Jewish temple) in Brazilian territory and the most Dutch influenced capital city in Brazil.



Located on Pernambuco`s southern coast, around 40miles (64km) away from Recife, Porto de Galinhas is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazilian Northeast, with crystal clear waters and natural pools in a place dominated by coconut trees. Simple and fresh seafood is a must in this place. (Lunch not included)

This tour starts with a panoramic ride throughout Recife, going to Praça da República (Republic Square), the State Government Palace, Santa Izabel Theater and Casa da Cultura (which consists in a solid building from the 19th century that was originally a prison, but now is a representative center of the regional culture). This tour proceeds to Olinda, passing through its houses, churches, squares and slopes, with a brief stop on Alto da Sé (from where the tourist may watch the best view over Olinda and Recife.