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Iguazu Falls


Foz do Iguazu is a city in the state of Paraná. Paraná River contours the city, bordering also Presidente Franco, in Paraguay, and Puerto Iguazú, in Argentina. The name Iguazu (or Iguaçu in portuguese) has an indigenous origin, meaning Large (açu) Water (ig), a name that does justice to what the city has to offer. “Poor Niagara” were the words of Eleanor Roosevelt when first seeing Iguazu Falls. Adventure World Brazil can tell you that, as you get closer, the feeling of littleness is inevitable.The 275 falls and the surrounding protected areas of subtropical forest were listed as a World Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The preservation park is divided into the Brazilian and the Argentine sides, each with its own delights. The most daring can go on an exciting boat ride on the Iguazu River, going against the flow and nearly below the falls. The hiking tracks on the National Park are also an option for the adventurers who wish to get to know more of the exuberant fauna and flora of Iguazu’s forests. On the Brazilian side, there is another park called Parque das Aves, the largest bird park in Latin America, with 150 different species of Brazilian birds and other exotic animals, such as pythons, alligators, butterflies, marmosets, and much more, all within seventeen acres of native vegetation. There, the visitors can enter the aviaries and get really close to the birds, though we advise the guests not to touch the animals. On the Argentine side is located one of the most famous falls of Iguazu: Garganta do Diabo (Devil’s Throat), with water pouring from three different sides. There are special night walks to the Garganta when the moon is full, so if you’re there on such a night, don’t miss it.



This tour leaves the Brazilian hotel by bus and crosses the interna­tional Tancredo Neves bridge over the Iguaçu River, marking the border between Brazil and Argentina. On the Argentinean side, the tourist may walk through rustic tracks and footbridges to reach the “Garganta do Diabo” (“Devil`s Throat”), one of the most beautiful and fantastic falls in the area. Lower and upper walkways sprawl over 1.8miles (3km) along the Iguaçu River canyon, allowing closer views at the waterfalls and San Martin Island. It occurs daily at 9:00h and 14:00h.

The bus takes the tourist to the reception center, starting this fascinating tour to the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world. First, the tourist watches a movie on the construction of the hydroelectric project, getting some technical explanations and documentary. Then, this tour proceeds by bus to the main viewing platform, where the visitor may watch giant spillways. An impressive water spectacle can be appreciated as well as a general view of the entire power plant. The power plant may be visited from Monday to Saturday, between 8:00h and 16:00h.

One of the most popular tours in the area, this jungle ride and boat trip starts with a transfer to a meeting point on the Cataratas Highway (at Iguaçu National Park) to board an open wagon pulled by jeeps. During this trip, accompanied by a specialized guide who provides interesting information about the region, passengers get to know several different species of sub-tropical plants and trees, including the heart-of-palms, which grows in abundance there. With a little luck, the tourists may see some of this region`s animals and beautiful birds. After a ride of about 1.8miles (3km), a 666yd (600m) walk through the forest leads the visitors to the banks of the Iguaçu River, where they may watch the Macuco Falls. A specially equipped motor launch takes the tourists as close as possible to the falls, so they may enjoy an extraordinary view of the Iguaçu Falls. When the river level allows, it is possible to get right next to the falls, where the passengers experience an unforgettable thrill. It occurs daily at 9:00h and 14:00h.

This is an accompanied walking tour into the Brazilian side of the falls through path footbridges and belvederes, all strategically placed to give the tourist the best view of each and every fall (the bottom of the falls may also be reached by a panoramic elevator). For those who are not staying in Hotel das Cataratas, this tour includes transfers to and from the falls. It occurs daily at 9:00h and 14:00h.