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São Paulo


Brazil`s most cosmopolitan and modern city and South America’s largest metropolis, São Paulo offers plenty of good museums, theatres, cultural and historical sites. Its fantastic cultural life is combined with its vocation to business and commerce. Every year, tourists from all over Brazil and foreign countries come to this city that is now considered the number one consumer market in Latin America. With a Metropolitan area surpassing 20 million inhabitants, São Paulo is one of the world’s most important industrial cities, comparable in many aspects to those of developed countries. Moreover, this big city also offers excellent leisure and cultural options for both day and night such as restaurants, bookstores, shopping-malls, bars among other, being an important tourist destination.



From the city of Sao Paulo a drop until the coast of the state to meet in different cities of sums Paulistana life. Santos and Sao Vicente. The spa for the Paulistanos, with Santos in one of Brazil’s most important ports in volume of export and import of goods. The cities receive thousands of visitors each end of the week or extended holidays, in search of leisure and relax by the sea.

Campos do Jordão is located in the Serra da Mantiqueira at 1628 mts above sea level and 170 Km from São Paulo (capital). A city that attract tourists during the winter season, with a large supply of cotton factories and stores, world known label magazines, great restaurants, ecotourism, adventure activities and a busy night life with bars and clubs, are attractions of the city, known as the Brazilian Switzerland, sought by Brazilians and foreigner tourists in search of the winter attractions of this charming destination.

Within a visit to the State of Sao Paulo, and the origin of the more expressive economy of Brazil. The coffee was one of the driving forces in developing the richest state in Brazil, and the farms of the period of planting and export of this product, is the best living example of the history of the State of São Paulo. Examples of the colonial architecture, techniques planting, harvesting and preparation of the coffee are presented during the tour. Much of the history on the development of the Brazilian economy from a product that is part of the day-to-day tradition of the Brazilians, the consumption of coffee, the country’s national drink.

The city of Guaruja, the meeting point of Class A and B, with mansions and luxurious condominiums, that receive every week-end the wealthy Paulistas in search of rest and recreation.

Known as the City of Flowers, Holambra, located at 120 Km of São Paulo is a city created by Dutch settlers, which maintains much of its traditions, including the planting of ornamental flowers exported to the world. In September happens to Expoflora, considered the greatest festival of flowers from Latin America and is the most festive time of this friendly city in the interior of São Paulo.

Sao Paulo has a lot of museums, galleries and cultural centers. During this tour visits the most important exhibitions in São Paulo.

Only 23 km away from the capital of the State of Sao Paulo, Embu das Artes is a city with artistic vocation, in all its possible manifestations. Street artisans, art galleries, antiquarians, art exhibitions, music, the Fair of the Arts that always happens on Sundays, all these cultural events are part of a surprising visit to this city where art is the most important factor in life of its residents and visitors.

The tourist will see the residential area of Higienópolis, Pacaembu Soccer Stadium, the Medicine School, the Hospital das Clinicas and its University Campus. At Butantã snake Farm, the tourist will watch how snakes are kept for poison extract and the production of counter-poison. The photo lovers will enjoy the stop of Morumbi Hill, for a panoramic view of the upper part of the city. The tourist will see the State Government Palace and Morumbi Soccer Stadium, as well as Jardim Europa (Europe Garden), an elegant residential area, with a large number of opulent mansions. One of this tour`s highlights is the Ibirapuera Park, with its beautiful gardens and lakes. At its entrance, visitors may admire the imposing Bandeirantes Monument, then the City Hall, the Planetarium and the Bienal Building. This tour also passes by República Square, Itália Building, Roosevelt Square and Paulista Ave.

Sao Paulo offers a great number of malls and shops from the world famous designer labels. This full-day city tour offers the possibility of buying in the best shops of the various items, from clothing to electronics, souvenirs and spices from all parts of Brazil. A unique visit to this huge open air shopping, the largest city in Latin America.

Visit the bigger and recently founded Museum of the Brazilian Football (soccer). Located at the Pacaembu Stadium, the museum has more than 6.9 thousand square metters where the visitors will be able to watch antique and actual images, with the most important and unforgettable football matches, wonderful goals and extraordinary movements from the Brazilian players. Trophies, personal uniform items, interactive games, etc… A real unforgettable visit for those, from all over the world, that love this game.

Regular tours (for a minimum of two passengers) – Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Private tours – From Tuesday to Sunday (under request).

The regular tours are only available for the hotels located by the Paulista Avenue area and the São Paulo old town perimeter.